Month: May 2020

Paradigm Music Assets Draw Inquiries as Agency Struggles With Debt

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Talk of sale activity around Paradigm is heating up again.

Casey Wasserman of Wasserman is pursuing a deal for the company’s music-related assets. Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Cos is also in the mix as an existing partner of Paradigm in some of its U.K. and European music holdings. Meanwhile, industry chatter about a Wasserman transaction spurred UTA to once again make an inquiry to Paradigm chief Sam Gores about the prospect of buying its music operations.

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UTA and Paradigm came close to cutting a deal to sell the entire agency for about $300 million in June 2019. Now industry insiders estimate Paradigm’s music units are valued at $150 million-$200 million at a time when the live events business is at a standstill because of the pandemic. Yucaipa is already a business partner of Paradigm, having invested in the company’s U.K.

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Reuters US Domestic News Summary

Following is a summary of current US domestic news briefs.

Trump leaves White House grounds for first time since March 28

U.S. President Donald Trump, cooped up in the White House for weeks due to the coronavirus lockdown, flew to Camp David, Maryland, on Friday for a weekend away at the presidential retreat. When his Marine One helicopter left the South Lawn, it was the first time Trump had left the White House grounds since March 28, when he visited Norfolk, Virginia, to see the U.S. Navy hospital ship Comfort set sail for New York harbor.

U.S. hospitals promise new safety measures to ease patient fears after coronavirus crush

U.S. hospitals, many past the peak coronavirus crush, are relying on plexiglass dividers, advance testing of patients and limited elevator traffic to convince people, especially those needing urgent care, that the facilities are safe. Hospitals put lucrative elective procedures and other

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Costco employees berate retailer over coronavirus response

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While Costco has become a go-to source for Americans stocking up on the supplies required to weather the COVID-19 pandemic at home, some frustrated employees of the warehouse retailer say it hasn’t been aggressive enough in protecting their health.

Roughly 100 staffers and contractors told BuzzFeed News that the multi-billion dollar company had displayed a lack of transparency on COVID-19 cases as well as a disregard for warnings and that it had failed to make necessary adjustments to long-standing policies.

To put this in perspective, however, there are more than 240,000 employees working for the company around the world.


“Working for Costco during this devastating point of time has become a living nightmare,” an unidentified warehouse employee in Los Angeles told the outlet. “They

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South Florida will reopen soon. How can you ensure your workplace stays coronavirus free?

Worker’s safety will be a priority as South Florida begins to reopen.

Each field will have to overcome their specific set of challenges, however, employers should share the same goal: preventing the coronavirus from spreading at their place of business. Doing so won’t be easy — the Department of Labor only issued a

list of recommendations — but analyzing past legislation can help employees better understand their rights.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act, which laid out acceptable working conditions, has a “general duty clause” that outlines an employer’s basic requirements, says Coral Gables-based employment and labor attorney Diane P. Perez.

“You got to keep employees healthy, safe and alive,” Perez explained with a chuckle.

This could mean a variety of things but may include frequently sanitizing surfaces, enforcing social distancing and the mandatory wearing of masks, according to the Department of Labor’s COVID-19 guidelines. Remember, facial coverings

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