Having a Clean Home Done Professionally

Coming to a home that is squeaky clean, dust-free, and clutter-free every day is a dream come true for so many householders. Deep-cleaning of the house is something most of us undertake once in two months or some cases just before the big day at home. The holiday season, weddings and the like. However, hiring domestic help is something only the rich and famous can think of. At least that is the impression most of us have of the process. Fact is home cleaning services are more affordable than you think. House cleaning brampton for example, its all the matter of using them in the right manner.

If you are planning on deep-cleaning your home once in 2 months or once every fortnight too, then the price you will be paying is around the size of your home ranging between 900 and 1,200 square foot sized home. Deep cleaning involves cleaning of attics, ovens, microwaves, and cupboards.

If you are looking at general cleaning, then you will be spending around $115 for the entire process. There are some agencies where you will be charged by the hour. Of course, you will have to sign up for a minimum of 6 hours. The trick here to getting a good deal is to sign up for a long term deal. Choose a bi-weekly contract, and the price can come down to around $95 an hour. What will come in this package deal is the dusting off of your entire home as well as your curtains. You will also have the kitchen and bathroom floors, mopped, sanitized as well as shined. All your wooden floors will be swept, and all rugs and carpets will be vacuumed.

All your wooden cabinets and other surfaces will be polished as well as all small appliances cleaned. Sinks in the kitchen, bathroom as well as refrigerators will be scrubbed down and cleaned. All fabric based furniture will be vacuumed. Surfaces, where smudges and stains can be removed, will also be attended to. Also, all lighting fixtures will be cleaned and shined.
The prices, therefore, are quite reasonable and it depends on how many times you think is right for you to get all this done. Getting the right cleaning services is just the question of narrowing down your search based on recommendations from others around you who have used such services.