Limerick Business Unleashed Dog Grooming Salon Needs Your Support

The new coronavirus has changed life for all of us. Local businesses have taken a huge economic hit, but communities are finding creative ways to support the establishments they know and love.

In an effort to help local businesses in our communities stay connected and succeed, Patch will shine a light on some of them through a series of Q&A articles during this time.

Unleashed Dog Grooming Salon is one of the businesses in town facing struggles during the coronavirus. You can lend your support by reading more about the company, below, and by contacting them here.

Tell us about your business and its history in your town.

I started unleashed Dog Grooming Salon from my home in Limerick in response to a need I saw — dogs experiencing high anxiety from big-business, loud, cage-lined pet stores. I have developed my own personal philosophy and methods based on research-proven theories and hands-on experience to create a one-of-a-kind grooming salon.

I only take one dog at a time (unless from the same household). I emphasize quality over quantity, charging by the hour, not by the service. This means I will not cut corners or recommend needless services to you.

At unleashed, you will smell relaxing aromatherapy oil, hear soothing music and only ultra-quiet equipment. You will see a clean, inviting home environment, making your fur-child’s experience as stress-free as possible. I do not use cage dryers or dog crates.

I am a certified pet groomer (CPG). I have a fully equipped, modern salon — but that doesn’t mean your dog has to feel like he’s at one! My salon makes your dog feel like he’s safe at home.

Philosophically, I strive to earn the respect and trust of every dog I groom through gentle, positive reinforcement. I will not perform a service on your dog if he or she is too scared/anxious or if I feel it is unsafe.

How has the new coronavirus impacted your business and its employees?

Governor Tom Wolfe has ordered all non-essential businesses to shut down, which would include dog grooming. However, through recent research I have learned that home-based businesses are allowed to continue operations as long as customers are not coming into the business. In response to a great many inquiries from my loyal customers, I have developed a new system in which I will have no human contact grooming.

Clients will call from their car upon arrival, and your dog will be taken from you, in my driveway, while I wear gloves and an N95 mask. I will call you when he/she is finished and bring your dog out to you when you arrive for pickup. All payments are to be made electronically via PayPal or Venmo — no cash. You can pay on my website or I will send payment information. All salon areas will be thoroughly sanitized in between grooms.

How can local customers support you now and in the future?

Please be patient, as appointments will be limited and will take longer, due to sanitization. If you decide to do home grooming, please limit it to brushing and nail cutting. Trust me, if you buy a pair of home-grooming clippers and attempt to give your dog a haircut, you will most likely regret this.

Try Googling line-brushing videos and make sure you are getting through all the layers of fur as you brush. If your dog is difficult when it comes to brushing (been there, done that), try limiting your sessions to five minutes or less, with lots of praise and treats! This above all else: HAVE PATIENCE. They will get used to it, eventually, and it is a great way to bond with your best friend. Brush, brush, brush! This is way more important than nails, teeth, bath or haircut. Please message or call me for any tips/tricks on your specific dog breed!

Do you have any words of encouragement for your community?

Keep calm and brush your dog!

Are you offering any special services, promotions or hours during this time?

We are offering $5 off your first, full-grooming service! $10 coupons also available in Hometown magazine.

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Thank you, and stay safe!


This article originally appeared on the Limerick-Royersford-Spring City Patch