Paradigm Music Assets Draw Inquiries as Agency Struggles With Debt

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Talk of sale activity around Paradigm is heating up again.

Casey Wasserman of Wasserman is pursuing a deal for the company’s music-related assets. Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Cos is also in the mix as an existing partner of Paradigm in some of its U.K. and European music holdings. Meanwhile, industry chatter about a Wasserman transaction spurred UTA to once again make an inquiry to Paradigm chief Sam Gores about the prospect of buying its music operations.

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UTA and Paradigm came close to cutting a deal to sell the entire agency for about $300 million in June 2019. Now industry insiders estimate Paradigm’s music units are valued at $150 million-$200 million at a time when the live events business is at a standstill because of the pandemic. Yucaipa is already a business partner of Paradigm, having invested in the company’s U.K.

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Amazon is facing multiple inquiries from labor regulators into whether it unlawfully retaliated against workers who spoke out about its coronavirus response

Amazon workers protest outside the company's Staten Island in New York City.
Amazon workers protest outside the company’s Staten Island in New York City.

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  • The National Labor Relations Board is looking into multiple claims by Amazon workers that the company unlawfully retaliated against them for speaking out against its coronavirus response, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday.

  • The NLRB is required by law to follow up on such claims and said it has not yet opened a formal investigation, but could do so if it finds evidence of a possible violation of employees’ rights.

  • Amazon has come under fire from employees, activists, and lawmakers over safety measures in its warehouses as well as the company’s firing of workers who have spoken out on the topic.

  • Amazon has terminated five workers who participated in protests since the pandemic began.

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The National Labor Relations Board is looking into whether Amazon unlawfully retaliated against workers for

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