Why Camp Nou?

Sports fan or not one of the main most visited places in Barcelona is Camp Nou. Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe, the 11th largest in the world in terms of capacity, and is the home to the Futball Club Barcelona. The stadium was built in 1954 and was finally opened in 1957 and housed 60,000 seats. Throughout the years additional seats have been added and it can now seats 96,336 people. The stadium holds a very important history where it has hosted two UEFA Championship League finals as well as the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Camp Nou is the home field to two very important soccer teams. FC Barcelona and the Catalan National team both utilize this stadium as their home field. Both of these football teams are extremely significant in Spain, especially in Catalonia. Catalans are very proud of their Catalan history and this pride transmits into their devotion towards their football teams. Walking around Barcelona you can always see someone wearing a FC Barcelona jersey, using a FC Barcelona cup, hat or even a pen. FC Barcelona is everywhere and that represents their loyalty towards their team.

Camp NouA�s importance in Barcelona has been very strong since its opening in 1957. There is such a rich history with the amount of games played in the stadium, games both won and lost. Camp Nou has been one of Barcelona’s most prized possessions for decades and just visiting the stadium you can see why. There is an entire museum solely about the stadium and teams history. In total 1.2 million people visit the museum per year, making it one of the most visited museums in Barcelona. With memorabilia, jerseys, trophies and more this museum holds everything FC Barcelona and Catalan National. It is a museum that any sports fan can not miss.

Getting to the stadium can be tricky, it is a little out of the way from other locations in Barcelona. Plus there is so much information it is always helpful to have someone tell you about the rich history before you enter the museum. There are bike tours in Barcelona that allow you to visit the museum, learn the history and pass my other city highlights along the way. You can venture into the museum, see the field and hear the history from a local who’s pride for FC Barcelona is strong. What better way to learn about Camp Nou then from someone who has followed the stadium for years? Camp Nou, a prized possession in the eyes of Catalans, is a must see when visiting Barcelona.

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